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About me

Beata DomagałaMy name is Beata Domagała. Painting is my passion and source of joy. After many years of searching for techniques and artistic field best suited to me, I decided for writing holy icons and painting on silk and glass.
I study writing icons in Byzantine Painting Studio "Fabrica Eclessia", run by Katarzyna Stawarska-Kula in Czestochowa (, and also at workshops conducted by the Greek iconographer Theodoros Papadopoulos, founder of the Byzantine School of Iconography in Larisa, Greece.
I also do oil, pastel, watercolor paintings and other techniques.

My greatest love, however, are icons. I write them in traditional technique with original pigments, used for centuries.
Why icons? Because they give inner strength and peace of mind. They bring great emotional charge that moves and gives energy to operate.
Work on each icon is a great experience and adventure for me. Sharing icons and thus emotions, with other people, creates deep bonds and deep relationships.

Orthodox theologian Sergei Bulgakov wrote:
"There are possible and there will be new icons, with new content. The life of Church never exhaust in the past, no present and future, always being guided by the Holy Spirit. (...) There is only problem whether creative courage and inspiration appear to bring new icons. "

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