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Beata Domgała writes icons like in Byzantium

Icons written by Beata Domagała can be seen in Olesno Regional Museum, Jaronia 7 street. It will be open till September 26th. At the exhibition You will be able to see copies of famous masters, as well as lesser-known icons.

Additionally, various materials used for writing icons will be shown there as well: pigments, gold, boards, etc. x. You can also see all steps of the creating icons process.

Beata Domagala studied writing icons in Byzantine Painting Studio "Fabrica Eclessia", run by Katarzyna Stawarski-Kula in Czestochowa.

- Painting is my great passion and source of joy. After many years of searching for techniques and artistic field best suiting me, I decided to do icon-writting as well as painting on silk and glass - says Beata Domagala.
Beata Domagala is also engaged in oil painting, pastel, watercolor and other techniques.

- However, my greatest love are icons - Beata Domagała confesses.
She works with traditional techniques using original pigments used for centuries.

Why icons?
- Because they give inner strength and peace of mind - says Beata Domagala. - Charged with tremendous emotional content, moves and gives energy to operate.

The icon is a picture showing the image of God, Mother of God, angels, saints, and their lives, or scenes from the Bible. The first icons were created in the V-VI century. This art was developed in Byzantium, medieval empire with its capital in Constantinople.

Beata Domagala creates icons in egg tempera wood painting technique, its secrets are passed since Byzantine times from generation to generation. She uses planks of hardwood with a cotton cloth pasted and 12 layers of the ground made of champagne chalk and glue rabbit. Apply dry pigments diluted with yolk and white dry wine medium. Gilding are made with flakes of 24-carat ducat gold or so-called szlakmetal (artificial gold). Protects entire picture with shellac or varnish.

Opening’s participants visited also the sixteenth-century wooden church of Saint Anne in Olesno.

Added: 23 July 2014, Author: Mirosław Dragon