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Stained glass with humor

On the cover of current OGP issue we show the work of Beata Domagała from Olesno. This is not, as the title suggests, a truly stained glass window.

Beata Domagała makes here works on the glass, so they are a kind of modern glass painting.

However, thanks to this technique, they resemble stained glass.

- They are sort of stained glass of everyday use – describes them Beata Biniek, artist.

- Beata Domagała reminded us, that there is something like glass painting – said other artist from Olesno, Staszek Pokorski.

This and other creations of Beata Domagała are made with stained glass paints on glass. Contour made with relief is then filled with colors. It results in fun, colorfull and nice works. They all can be seen in Beata Biniek Studio at Labora street.

Source: Oleska Gazeta Powiatowa, Numer 13 (49) 2002