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Glass painting appeared along with the development of glass industry in XVI century and spread of oil paint in painting as general. During the Baroque and Rococo mostly Orders’ Brothers were dealing with this art.

In Poland, painting on glass began to develop in XVIII century, in Lower Silesia, near to existing glassworks. It was popular to use images on glass as cottage's decoration in rural areas. Often, glass paintings were hung under the ceiling, adding heat, lighting to low-ceiling peasant huts. They depicted saints outght to protect homes, workarounds and fields against fire, water and locusts. In second half of XIX century this technique began to be displaced by cheap chromolithograph. Was no longer seen in terms of beauty and began to fade. In Poland, folk paintings, including painting on glass has been disseminated and appreciated only by the Polish avantgarde artists of early XX century. After World War II this art had it’s renaissance.

Painting on glass in Poland is unique in the world. However, due to the material fragility, only few images were preserved till our times. Currently, it is very original decoration for connoisseurs, appreciated both homeland and abroad.

Glass images painting technique is based on so-called reverse-cycle, meaning painting the inner surface of glass. This allows to create interesting effects seen on the viewer’s side.

My images and everyday objects are painted directly on the glass, on viewer’s side. I use modern paints for glass which are durable and not washable with water. However, You should avoid mechanical friction surfaces that may damage them.