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About silk

Silk scarf Painting on silk Painting on silk Painting on silk

Silk is considered to be most feminine fabric. It is smooth, soft, light, thin and comfortable when touching. Comes with a gloss. Obtained from mulberry or oak silkworm cocoon.

Silk was produced already in ancient China, approx. 3600BC.
The most famous legend attributes the invention of silk production to empress Xi Lingshi, one of wives of emperor Huang-Di, lived between 2698 - 2598BC. At her husband’s request, Xi Lingshi checked what destroys the mulberry trees in imperial gardens. She noted white larvae, spinning shiny cocoons. When one cocoon accidentally fell into the boiling water, it turned out that a delicate thread can be drawn from it. Empress made a robe out for her husband. Silk production and export became profitable occupation for Chinese.
Over 2000 years silk manufacturing process was secret, revealing it was punished by death. Chinese exported silk by so-called Silk Road. It had approx. 12 000 km and combined China trade with Europe and Middle East. In Europe, silk was worth a fortune.
To this day, hand-painted silk is considered a luxury good and emphasizes individuality.

I paint on silk of the highest quality. It should be hand-washed in warm water with a mild detergent only. Because of its delicacy the fabric must be ironed without using the steam. Silk does not lose its color, does not shrink and does not extend. With proper treatment it will serve for many years.

Hand paint ensures color and designs uniqueness. It can be selected and individually compose.